Low Carb Down Under Melbourne

August 2014

The line up of international speakers at this year’s Low Carb Down Under Seminar included our own Professor Grant Schofield and Dr Caryn Zinn. They were accompanied by an assembly of speakers esteemed in the field of LCHF, including Professor Tim Noakes, and Dr Steve Phinney.

Grant’s opening presentation focused on our recently released Real Food Guidelines, developed in response  to the Ministry of Health’s guidelines. In Grant’s own words the MOH guidelines are ‘outdated, old school and quite simply wrong’! Professor Schofield captivated the audience, delivering the science of the low carb, high fat way of eating with humour, clarity and his usual level of expertise.

Dr Caryn Zinn talked specifically about her experience as a NZ registered dietician and the criticism she has received, particularly through social media, from her many of her professional peers. As an advocate of LCHF in NZ, Caryn is creating the necessary lines of communication between opposing factions of the nutrition profession.



Introducing the Low Carbohydrate High Fat Diet (LCHF)

This website is currently being designed and created by the LCHF team at the Human Potential Centre AUT. Directed by Professor Grant Schofield the team has a vast body of knowledge and leads NZ in the LCHF domain. The team includes Dr Caryn Zinn, Dr Micalla Williden, Julia McPhee and Dr Nigel Harris, all of whom are currently conducting research in LCHF in various population and community groups. All play an active role in the promotion and communication of LCHF on a local and global level.

The Benefits of Saturated Fats

butter-1200TV 3’s 3rd Degree aired a segment this week on the increasingly controversial topic of “The Benefits of Saturated Fats”. Not surprisingly, as NZ’s leading advocate of the Low Carbohydrate High Fat (LCHF) living, Professor Grant Schofield played a major role in the interview. The segment highlights well-founded evidence on the merits of a diet based on the “evolutionary biology and understanding of human metabolism and nutrition”.

For the full 3rd Degree interview watch it here.

Ministry Of Health (MOH) Physical Activity and Dietary Guidelines

Recently the MOH requested stakeholder feedback on the draft updated  guideline statements on healthy eating and physical activity. With very little change from the previous version we believed them to be outdated, old school and quite simply wrong.

Our team felt we needed to publicly highlight the science for everyone to read.  Please take the time to read at least the lay summary, and even the full scientific documents. You may be surprised at how little of this evidence supports the current and future nutrition guidelines.

Response to Draft Dietary Guidelines Submitted to the Ministry of Health April 2014

Response to Draft Physical Activity Guidelines Submitted to the Ministry of Health April 2014

Professor Grant Schofield on LCHF living

Grant LCHF-2For those of you who were unable to attend the Low Carb High Fat Approach – Challenging Beliefs  seminars conducted at AUT Millennium by Grant Schofield and Dr Caryn Zinn in October 2013, here is version edited for public viewing. Public support for these seminars was unprecedented and highlighted the genuine belief in our community that  current dietary guidelines are not working. Further workshops will be conducted in June 2014 for anyone wanting to learn more about LCHF and the positive impact that this lifestyle can have on weight loss, energy levels, blood sugar levels, wellbeing and the many associated health and lifestyle benefits.

Contact the Human Potential Centre  hcentrem@aut.ac.nz to express your interest in attending future LCHF Workshops

As one of the first LCHF websites currently available in New Zealand the LCHF website will provide:

  • Up to date information on the latest national and international LCHF research and media
  • Relevant and specific information for all sectors of the community on how to live a low carbohydrate lifestyle
  • Information on up coming LCHF events, including workshops, seminars and media events
  • Access to regular blogs from a range of experts in the are of LCHF
  • The latest information available on all aspects of LCHF
  • A forum for you communicate your own views and put questions to the LCHF team


Low Carbohydrate High Fat. A new approach.