Natural and Artificial Sweeteners

There are several schools of thought around sweeteners, from fully supportive to very much against. This adds confusion to the place that sweeteners hold in the low carb ‘foods to include’ list.

Most sweeteners either have no carbohydrates or very few so do not prompt the insulin response that we are so keen to avoid when losing weight. They are also a lot sweeter to taste than sugar, so a much smaller amount of sweetener is needed in recipes to replace sugar. Take a look at my carrot cake recipe; I use 3 tbsp Natvia to replace 2 cups of sugar.

I fully support the use of sweeteners in a low carb diet. I believe that in the first few weeks of embarking on the low carb lifestyle, these products can help you to get through some tough times and may be the difference between continuing low carb or giving in to those sweet cravings! I would prefer that people include sweeteners occasionally than risk falling off the low carb wagon. Natural sweeteners like Stevia or Natvia are my first choice and readily available in most supermarkets.

There will be many who disagree with me on this subject, but I have always said that my focus is to make low carb an option for everyone. What ever it takes to keep you on the low carb pathway, I am all for it.  Besides, as you continue on your low carb journey, your need for sweet treats will decrease and you will find yourself instinctively steering away from sweet foods. In the mean time don’t be afraid to experiment with the flavours of sweeteners.