Welcome to the LCHF Women’s Health Research Project. Firstly, thank you for agreeing to participate in this study. It is an important area of research with the potential to benefit not only  women in our age group and life stage but our husbands and families as well.

 Over the next few weeks with the help of this  website I am going to provide real life, down to earth,  tips and tricks and recipes to make sure that you can take most carbohydrates out of your life and  keep them out.

The reason I know I can help you with this is that two years ago I started on the same path as you are now; I cut most carbohydrate out of my diet. Over the next few months I watched how my weight dropped, my energy levels improved and my mindset changed. What started as an experiment has become a way of life. I no longer obsess about my weight. I broke the “sugar habit”, and believe me, I had a bad habit!

My experiences are going to enable you to get through those times when you are struggling with how to prepare food to suit everyone in your home, how to manage social situations, stay low carb while travelling, and to make sure that you always have access to tasty and fulfilling foods. Don’t worry; it’s not all rabbit food either, there will be foods which have been forbidden for years which will now be back on your menu, and you will find that the food you are preparing for yourself is going to be fine for the whole family.

Things you need to know about cutting sugar out of your diet:

  • You don’t have to give up cooking and baking, there are recipes we can adapt to allow you to cook up a storm, and feel better for it
  • You are going to miss some favourite foods but you will find replacements which are tasty and satisfying
  • Your friends will laugh at you and tell you that “everything in moderation” is the only way to live. Your turn to laugh will come in 3 months’ time when you are looking and feeling  great, believe me those friends will quietly start to cut down on their own sugar intake

Things you need to know about me:

  • I am passionate about making the low carbohydrate way of living that is achievable for “normal” people who live busy, social lives
  • I love to cook and have worked in several cafes and restaurants in and around Auckland
  • I am 49 and a mother of two adult children in their 20’s who haven’t broken the sugar habit
  • I am a nicer person (or so I am told) when I have a glass of wine in my hand

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