How many carbs and wine is too much?

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This post is a bit of a cheat and a repeat of an earlier post on ‘counting carbs’. I have had a few queries on how to count carbs and the exact amount of carbohydrate you should be consuming daily.

If you are adhering to the LCHF lifestyle ‘most’ of the time, your carb levels will be well below 100g per day. Aim for between 75 and 85 gm of carbohydrate per day. If you want to be specific and calculate the exact amount carbs you are eating there a few options for you.

You should have received your LCHF hard copy manual in the post. Note that food lists in the manual include carb counts for a variety of foods per 100g serve or  per average serve. This will help you to calculate how much carbohydrate you are consuming.

Note: I am not trying to make things complicated. You don’t have to weigh all your foods. I just want you to be aware of the carb count in common foods

Per serve:

  • 1 Apple – 17g carb

  • 1 Banana – 22.1g carb

  • 1 Flat white coffee – 10.5g carb

  • ¼ cup Blueberries – 4.0g

  • 10 Almonds – 0.6g carbs

  • 1 Egg boiled – 0.1g carb

  • Coconut cream ½ cup – 4.6g carb

  • ½ cup Cream– 2.3g carb

  • 1 cup Chicken cooked – 0 carb

(Assume all counts are ‘net carbs’)

You can see how quickly your daily carb count will increase when you add in a piece of fruit. Alternatively note the comparatively low carb count in nuts, chicken and cream.

And the Alcohol Question Again

A small amount of alcohol will not stop weight loss, however try to limit yourself to 3 glasses a week of red or white wine. Avoid beer and if drinking spirits drink them with diet soda.

If you are drinking more wine than recommended  and not losing weight, you know what you need to do!  Just cut down, or as I  like to say; Just Don’t!

Just don't


23rd May, 2014
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