Womens Health


The Last Post

29th May, 2014

The Last Post We have completed the final week of the Women’s Health Research Project, but this is not the final week of your low carb lifestyle. We have moved from a diet to a way of life, and I hope that you will all continue with the low carb lifestyle to some extent as […]

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Weight loss and recipes

28th May, 2014

Weight loss Firstly many of you have been concerned about plateaued weight loss. Everyone has had a plateau in weight loss at some stage in the last 7 weeks. For some it was week 3-4 and for others 6-7.  Don’t let this get you down and please don’t consider changing back to your old habits. […]

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Week 8 of 8

26th May, 2014

 Week 8 of 8!     As we begin the final week of the study there are a few things to keep in mind or some ‘housekeeping’ to discuss; Next week’s questionnaire, your final Week 8 questionnaire, will include the three-day food diary that you completed in your baseline questionnaire prior to week 1. You will […]

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Carbs and Wine!

23rd May, 2014

How many carbs and wine is too much?      This post is a bit of a cheat and a repeat of an earlier post on ‘counting carbs’. I have had a few queries on how to count carbs and the exact amount of carbohydrate you should be consuming daily. If you are adhering to the […]

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Roast veg salad

Family Life

20th May, 2014

Family Life      My husband calls himself low carb by default (my fault). He also expresses concern that the increase in fat in his diet could be contributing to a future of heart disease and early death. Actually he has never looked better. He weighs less than when we met 30 years ago, and is […]

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Mix it Up and Keep it Interesting

18th May, 2014

There is not a lot that you don’t already know about LCHF. You have battled through those early days of breaking habits, constipation, and have no doubt   put up with opinions from supportive and not so supportive friends. On the other hand you should be feeling the benefits; expected and unexpected of the changes […]

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Whats good about LCHF

15th May, 2014

What’s good about LCHF I have put together a montage of comments from those I received this week for what’s working for you all. I haven’t included all comments, however these sum up what most of you have reported. This is what you said: “I think my body finally gets it!! I’m no longer ruled […]

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Keep calm

Back To Stress and hormones

14th May, 2014

  I have to come back to stress for several reasons. Firstly the more reading I do on the subject the more apparent it becomes that stress, weight-gain and hormonal imbalance are all very closely related and in our age group these issues are key to our health and wellbeing. Secondly I know that we […]

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Food Groups

The Low Carb Template

11th May, 2014

The Low Carb Template At the end of the 8-week LCHF Women’s Health Research project, I know that many of you will continue on this pathway. Eight weeks is sufficient time for you to have experienced all sides of LCHF and decide what is working for you and what is not. The things that I […]

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Stress Less

8th May, 2014

Stress I am doing  Workplace Wellbeing presentation tomorrow to an industry and business group. No Workplace Wellbeing presentation can be delivered without considering stress, and the research I have done this week has given me insight into the impact that stress has on wellbeing weight loss, illness, and disease. Stress makes our bodies burn carbohydrate. […]

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