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 My husband calls himself low carb by default (my fault). He also expresses concern that the increase in fat in his diet could be contributing to a future of heart disease and early death. Actually he has never looked better. He weighs less than when we met 30 years ago, and is often the target of envy from friends and work mates; work mates who battle years of bad lifestyle choices, excess alcohol and a sedentary lifestyle. It does annoy me actually that he lost more weight, faster than I did. I believe he looks younger than I do, and I am the one making it happen!!

I am thinking about family because my son is home for a 4-day visit after being away for 3 months working in Australia. At 23 he is starting to realise that he needs to eat less, make better food choices and drink less beer. This is communicated to me, mind you, between mouthfuls of beer and toasted sandwiches, while lying on the couch watching TV.

Anyway tonight I will cook a low carbecue. A roast lamb and pork belly on the barbecue. I will cook a roast vege salad and serve it with garlic aioli. We will drink a little wine and not too much beer for the men in my life. I’ll make some berry ice cream. Most likely no one will even register the lack of carbs. This is how you know that low carb is just normal in your household.

I have to hope that my kids recognise that the way I have chosen to live and eat is a good option. I hope they work out what they like, and take on the parts that suit them.  I have no doubt that you have had similar experiences and responses from your own family and friends. It is important that we continue with what we think is right and let those around us watch and learn. Never compromise your beliefs and  always understand that what is right for you is right for your family, they just might not realise it yet!

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20th May, 2014
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