CalvinLowCarbComicThere is not a lot that you don’t already know about LCHF. You have battled through those early days of breaking habits, constipation, and have no doubt   put up with opinions from supportive and not so supportive friends. On the other hand you should be feeling the benefits; expected and unexpected of the changes you have made.

The feedback I am receiving indicates that for many of you, if not all, low carb has become the ‘new norm’. It’s just what you do now. However, no matter how normal low carb has become, any rigid eating plan risks becoming boring. You need to mix it up, try new recipes and food combinations and make sure that low carb stays interesting and sustainable. Make sure you are eating food with texture, colour and flavour, and do try some new recipes.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am in the middle of making my weekly supply of Grain Free Granola. I am a creature of habit so that’s my breakfast sorted for the week. Sprinkled over Greek yoghurt, the crunch and flavour puts a smile on my face, and I won’t need to eat until well after lunchtime. I have been told that it adds flavour and texture to salad, and although this sounds bizarre, it is fantastic sprinkled on blue cheese. I really don’t know how I worked that out but trust me, it is a great combination. I haven’t tried it as a fruit crumble topping but I reckon I could make a relatively low carb apple crumble using my granola.

While not all of us are avid chefs and recipe creators, we all need to be capable cooks and develop a sense of adventure in the kitchen. Put a smile on someone’s face by trying  a new recipe and sharing it, in the flesh and on line.

And before I finish, you may not realise it but your stories and experiences will make good reading and could really help other women trying to make lifestyle changes.  If by chance you get some time or inspiration, get writing, put your thoughts and experiences on paper (on your computer anyway). It will force you to think about the changes you have made and the impact they have had on you and those around you. You might be surprised at some of the changes that have occurred once you sit down and think about it.

The more normal low carb gets for you, the further away these these stories will be, so do it now and please share them with me.

Be more mindful than I am though, I have been so carried away with this post that I have burnt my Crunch Grain Free Granola – true story!!




18th May, 2014
Posted in: Womens Health

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