The LCHF Women’s Health Research Team

Dr Caryn Zinn, Julia McPhee , and Melody Oliver

  Dr Caryn Zinn        Julia McPhee         Dr Melody Oliver

Lead Researcher:

Julia McPhee

Academic Supervisors:

Dr Caryn Zinn and Dr Melody Oliver


I have a background in managing major health research projects, however it was my personal interest and experience in living the low carb lifestyle that lead me to developing this research project. I am very excited about conducting my own study and I am looking forward to sharing with you what I have learned through my own experiences. At the same time I would like to learn how we can make this diet achievable and sustainable for all women, particularly those in a life stage that includes major hormonal upheavals and associated health issues. This study will form the basis of my Masters Thesis in Public Health.

My primary supervisor, Dr Caryn Zinn is a registered NZ dietician. Caryn teaches in the area of both public health and sports performance nutrition. Caryn is leading the way in LCHF across NZ and is well regarded internationally in this area.

Dr Melody Oliver is a public health researcher with specialist expertise in health-promoting behaviours in children and their families. Her experience in conducting high quality research projects is well recognised nationally and internationally.

Caryn and Melody will provide  guidance to ensure that this research project is conducted in methodologically sound manner. Their support will be invaluable to this study and will ensure that our findings can be shared effectively.

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