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In the early days of reducing  carbohydrates from your diet, make sure that you always have something to snack on close by. Before you reach for a snack though, have a glass of water. Often, particularly in the early days of eating low carb, you will feel hungry when in fact you just need a drink of water.

The following snack options are easy to carry or store in your office drawer or handbag.

  •  Roasted or raw almonds

  •  Boiled eggs (boil several eggs on Sunday so you always have them available to snack on during the week)

  • Fresh fruit, 1 serving only per day. Eat fruit which is in season and locally available. Berries are the best option,  low in carbs and high in additional nutrients.

  • Slices of cheese

  •  Natural unsweetened (not low fat) Greek yoghurt

  • Carrot and celery sticks and cucumber or avocado slices

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