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The alcohol question: How does alcohol fit into the low carb lifestyle?

This is a big question, and a deal breaker for many people considering the low carb lifestyle. Other websites and low carbers might recommend permanent abstinence from alcohol, but not me. Alternatively I definitely would not recommend increasing your alcohol intake.

If you are actively trying to lose weight then no more than one glass of wine per day. Alternatively there is no harm at all in having several alcohol free days per week and you will benefit from it.

Alcohol is not metabolised as carbohydrate and does not send blood sugar into orbit, however alcohol will become your body’s first energy source before carbohydrate or fat, hence not the best option when actively trying to lose weight. There are vastly differing carb counts in different types of alcohol. Wine, red and white are better options than beer and if you drink sprits; gin, vodka and whiskey are ok but ONLY use diet option for mixers.

I strongly advise you to keep alcohol consumption to a minimum. You are more likely to make the wrong food choices when drinking alcohol. Your bodies will be going through some changes as you detox and your tolerance for alcohol will reduce.

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