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We have completed the final week of the Women’s Health Research Project, but this is not the final week of your low carb lifestyle. We have moved from a diet to a way of life, and I hope that you will all continue with the low carb lifestyle to some extent as a permanent lifestyle choice.

You have all lost weight, your weight is still trending down, and if you want to lose more weight, as I am sure you all do, you need to continue with what you have been doing for the last 8 weeks.

 So today I want to summarise some key points for you to keep in mind in the next few weeks.

Without the prompts of weekly questionnaires and weight reports to keep you focussed and on track, you could be tempted to veer off that low carb pathway.

Remember this:

Always be prepared for any situation that might arise

If you are tempted with high carb treats

  • Firstly: JUST DON’T
  • Think about how you will feel afterwards and if you realise that you don’t want to feel that way, have a glass of water, or low carb snack
  • If you do indulge, just get back on board and move on

Continue reading and researching for yourselves

There is a lot of information to support low carb, by people who know a lot more than I do!

and of course:

And manage your stress levels!

If you need validation as to whether to continue with the low carb lifestyle, consider these points:

  • Improved energy  levels
  • Weight-loss
  • Improved food choices
  • Reduced aches and pains
  • Friends are ‘getting it’  and have taken low carb on board

If you can say ‘yes’ any of these points then  low carb is the right option for you.

So thank you all once again for participating in and supporting me to conduct the Women’s Health Research Project. I look forward to meeting you all at the focus groups and I look forward to a social get-together with you all once all data collection has been completed.

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29th May, 2014
Posted in: Womens Health

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