LCHF Products to Purchase

This page is a library of LCHF products recommended by myself or any of the LCHF Women’s Health Research project participants. If you have anything to add please send me details. I will check it out and make sure that I am happy that the product is appropriate for all LCHF participants. NOTE: This is not a licence to eat unlimited amounts of these foods. Consider them good treat options.




These little gems are a crunchy tasty treat. No carb, very high fat. I  recommend that these are included on the ‘occasional’ list. They do make a great alternative to to potato chips and traditional crackers. Available in the ‘snacks’ isle of most Countdown  stores.



Raw Olive Crackers – thanks Leanne

Raw crackers Raw crackers 2

These cracker can be purchased through the ‘make it raw‘. I have posted the recipe in the ‘Snacks’ recipe pages. They are easy to make and definitely cheaper.