Most of our social time involves friends, food and alcohol, and the food we eat when socialising and eating out is usually carbohydrate based.

You might find some people take it personally and can be hostile to the changes you are making. Don’t let this deter you; you will get good at making the changes quietly and without a lot of fuss. To avoid over-eating those pre-dinner snacks, have a healthy snack, smoked salmon, nuts, or a boiled egg, before you leave home.

If you are entertaining at home, prepare low carb platters and snacks. You don’t have to provide the chips and crackers for your friends, do them a favour and introduce them to low carb options. Make a platter using:

  • Slices of cucumber instead of crackers

  • Almonds and mixed nuts

  • Cheese

  • Sliced meats

  • Smoked salmon

  • Sliced carrots, celery and capsicum

  • Make cream cheese, yoghurt or sour cream based dips or buy dips without added sugar such as Lisa’s Feta based dips or Tzatziki (yoghurt and mint)

In restaurants, order sauces to be served on the side if possible. Avoid desserts, just order coffee.

Drink a lot of water. Not just when you are socialising, keep your water intake up throughout the day, but make sure you drink water when you are out at night. Low carb beer and red and white wine are ok, but you will feel a lot better if you cut down on the amount you normally drink. Replace alternate glasses of wine with sparkling mineral water, and drink it out of a wine glass. This way people won’t even notice that you are not drinking!  Always have a bottle of water  when you go out and and take diet soft drink options  to help cut down on alcohol.