Week 8 of 8!

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As we begin the final week of the study there are a few things to keep in mind or some ‘housekeeping’ to discuss;

  • Next week’s questionnaire, your final Week 8 questionnaire, will include the three-day food diary that you completed in your baseline questionnaire prior to week 1. You will be asked to list in detail the foods you have eaten on 2 week days and 1 weekend day this week. I realise this is quite a big job and it will be easier if you log the food as you eat it on your reported days.
  • For one reason or another some participants have not completed all questionnaires. This is not a problem, however it would be great to get Week  7 and 8 data from all participants. I realise that you are all busy but if you could take the time to complete the final questionnaires it would be appreciated.
  • I will be coordinating focus groups, which will take place mid to late June. All participants’ feedback is extremely valuable to this study and I will be endeavouring to arrange them at a time that suits most participants. Focus groups will be held at Millennium Centre in Mairangi Bay.

Making low carb work

You will recall that the actual title of this study is: Exploring the acceptability of and adherence to a carbohydrate-restricted, high fat diet as an instrument for weight-loss in women aged 40-55 years.

While the study will be completed at the end of this week, I hope that for all of you the last 8 weeks have demonstrated the benefits of reducing carbohydrates from your diet. What I, and probably all of are interested in though is this;

  • Is low carb something that you can sustain as a permanent lifestyle choice?
  • Are there some parts that you will continue with and others that you feel are too difficult?
  • Is this something that you would recommend to your friends and family?

I can see from the data and feedback that for many of you , the benefits of the lifestyle changes far out-weight the sacrifices made. For all of us though we need to keep it real and make it work for us. As middle-aged women we are at a time in our lives that we should be enjoying life with family and friends while focussing on our own health. I hope this study has demonstrated how this can be done.

So this week think about  ‘where to from here’. Plan to spend the time that you have been spending reading my posts (well I hope you have!), reading and investigating LCHF further. The LCHF Women’s Health Research Website will remain alive and will become the Human Potential Centre’s official LCHF website, so will develop considerably. Further to this I have a personal low carb blog on which I will  continue to add recipes and post my own experiences. This is where I would like to share your stories, so please, get thinking, get writing, and get your thoughts to me.

You have all been an inspiration to me and I truly believe that with your help this study will   impact  the health of others in our life stage.

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26th May, 2014
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