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woman legs over white weight in bathroomFirstly many of you have been concerned about plateaued weight loss. Everyone has had a plateau in weight loss at some stage in the last 7 weeks. For some it was week 3-4 and for others 6-7.  Don’t let this get you down and please don’t consider changing back to your old habits. This is very normal, particularly in our age group. What you have to remember is that if you were not making the effort to lose or control weight, just by being ‘middle aged’ you would be gaining weight. Therefore if your weight is stable you are effectively losing weight. Just ride it out, stick to low carb all or most of the time and your weight will continue to trend downwards.

Another thing to consider is this;  while we all strive for weight loss, you may have noticed that your body shape has started to change. Note how your clothes are fitting and use this as a guide to weight loss.  My weight doesn’t budge off 65kg (I came from 71kg) however I have dropped 2 dress sizes and now tend to monitor my weight by my clothes size just as much as by actual weight.

Continue to weigh yourselves regularly it is a very good way to make sure you stay focussed on weight loss.


Converting traditional recipes to the low carb version

Carrot cake iced Coconut Cake  OMG Orange Cake OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA

When you look at my cake recipes there is almost a template I follow. I generally replace flour with equal amounts of almond meal. I usually use between 4 and 6 eggs, to hold the mixture together. Two to three tbsp of Natvia is usually enough to replace 1 ½ – 2 cups sugar but test the mixture yourself and add more if necessary. If the recipe appears dry, add yoghurt until mixture resembles traditional cake mix texture. I avoid industrial oils such as soy and canola and use olive, coconut oil, or butter.

Any success that you have adapting recipes, please send them to me. We can post on the LCHF site and I will attribute recipes to the author. I am seriously considering the idea of creating the LCHF Women’s Health Research Project Cookbook, and developing recipes that are true to our ‘low carb template’.


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28th May, 2014
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