What’s good about LCHF

I have put together a montage of comments from those I received this week for what’s working for you all. I haven’t included all comments, however these sum up what most of you have reported.

This is what you said:

Wendy’s-Believes-Burgers-Get-Boost-from-Better-Mobile“I think my body finally gets it!! I’m no longer ruled by the clock or eating just for the sake of it. The family is joining in and enjoys the meals ‘lighter in carbs’ Hubby had a burger @ Wendy’s and told me that the buns were so sweet, he hated it. Also commented on how people can have the huge 500ml drink after a meal, so much sugar!”


“The first thing I did wrong was to have unlimited amounts of nuts and cream, like I used a 500ml a week in my coffees. Now I’m not bothered at all about the foods I can’t have. Reckon it’s just laziness preventing us from having healthy salads. It’s quicker to grab a biscuit of bread and jam!”


woman legs over white weight in bathroom“One thing that has really helped me and encouraged and motivated me, is writing my weight on my bathroom mirror, wait for it, EVERY MORNING. Of course my weight fluctuates, but the overall loss for me is very motivational. I do follow primal as opposed to Paleo and as such have raw dairy, and quite a bit of it. I take it to my coffee shop where they are happy to make my coffee with it. The other motivational thing, is having a friend do this too!”


“After the initial pleasing weight-loss, I have slowed right down and this has more to do with my levels of stress (horrendous at the moment!), as I have been quite good at ‘making the right choices’ food wise, so I should be looking like Twiggy!!”


working_mother-620x412“Even though the weight isn’t falling off as quickly as I had hoped, at least I am making good lifestyle changes…I find I no longer crave chocolate and have not missed bread, pasta or rice one bit, which has surprised me. I am sure with reduced stress, my weight loss would be more significant. Hopefully, my weekly ‘mood’ analysis, will indicate my levels of stress, and therefore provide an explanation for why the LCHF diet is not as effective as it possibly should be for me”

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Thanks to all who have shared their experiences.


15th May, 2014
Posted in: Womens Health

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